Financial Services

Under current economic conditions, cash flow maximisation and the reduction of risk are critical. Mango has the proven tools to help you do this to help your business survive challenging economic conditions.

Mango’s unique value

The Mango Finance team is made up of individuals who developed their expertise at some of the leading aviation institutions across the world. This has been applied at a whole variety of clients giving you access to some of the best terms available, helping to secure a lasting competitive advantage.

  • Strategic investment and acquisitions
  • Capital market financing
  • Investor negotiations and contracting
  • Build of investment and holding company structure
  • Cash flow maximisation
  • Risk reduction programmes
  • Revenue & cost analysis
  • Assessment of capital investment requirements
  • Credit card arrangements
  • Fleet financing
  • Lease vs. buy
  • Procurement
  • Hedging


Other Experience

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