GoAir’s objective is simple: the commoditisation of air travel, offering consistent punctuality, affordability and convenience, across a network encompassing the principle business and leisure destinations in India.

Project background

India’s renowned Wadia Group established GoAir in 2005, based in Mumbai and targeting the extensive but inefficient rail sector, with fares marginally above train fares. GoAir is positioned as ‘the Smart People’s Airline’ and bases its offering on a fleet of 10 new Airbus A320 aircraft, with a further 10 aircraft on order and being brought forward for delivery. Since the start-of 2007, Go has consistently recorded the highest load factors in the Indian market, together with minimum number of service cancellations, a testament to the strength of its business.

Expertise provided

Mango co-authored the development of the airline’s business plan, focusing particularly on:

  • Market and product positioning
  • Developing a network strategy encompassing all of India including a number of ‘social obligation’ or ‘lifeline’ services
  • The fleet strategy and aircraft growth plan
  • Preparation of a detailed 5 year financial plan
  • Distribution strategy
  • Prior to first flight, Mango carried out a detailed audit of the airline to ensure full readiness for launch.

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