Aircraft Fleet Planning & Procurement

Critical to an airline’s success is selection and procurement of the optimal aircraft type to operate competitively across the air operator’s network.

Mango’s unique value:  Mango people have led the aircraft planning, type selection and procurement for a wide variety of air operators across the world. We are experts in the detailed type analysis to identify the best fit to network demand, through to extensive negotiations with the airframe and engine OEMs, as well as the associated financing support.

Our capabilities encompass the full aircraft lifecycle from birth to retirement. In particular we have delivered against the following specific areas:

  1. Airframe and engine type analysis
  2. Fleet planning and match to network expansion and demand
  3. Technical specification and product design
  4. Aircraft exterior and interior branding
  5. Lease versus buy analysis
  6. OEM and lessor negotiations and contracting
  7. Financing analysis, negotiations and contracting
  8. Regulatory approvals
  9. Aircraft delivery planning, execution and EIS
  10. Financial performance analysis and optimisation for weight, fuel burn, maintenance cost management
  11. Carbon emissions management and planning
  12. Fuel cost reduction and hedging
  13. Aircraft lessor returns, fleet exit



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