We are a hands-on travel solutions provider, offering travel and aviation businesses around the world, a comprehensive range of services.

Who are Mango

Mango was founded by senior airline executives determined to play a part in the revolution underway in air travel.

Mango was chosen as the company’s name to reflect the roots of the founders as former “MANagement of GO”, the highly successful LCC established in the UK and eventually merged with easyJet.

Today, Mango is a worldwide operation, encompassing all major travel and aviation sectors and business models.

What We Do

Our objective is simple and in keeping with our roots: “revolutionise air travel through the application of best practice and high calibre expertise”.

We seek to achieve this by offering our expertise through closely targeted businesses. We aim to focus on key segments of the aviation industry undergoing rapid or structural change, or segments where the specialist skills required to succeed are in short supply.

Our People

People are the key to success in any business, and Mango’s team of specialists are drawn from leading aviation businesses across the world.

Our people have an extensive track record of achievement, on the ground, and in all operating conditions.

They deliver the innovative and realistic solutions to aviation business challenges, establishing diverse pathways to success.

What do we do?

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