DHL Aerologic

The DHL/Lufthansa Cargo joint venture, Aerologic, is a textbook example of a successful partnership between two industry giants that is going from strength to strength.

Project background

DHL wished to establish their own intercontinental lift linking their regional networks to fully control transit times.
Positive 5 year JV experience with Lufthansa Cargo (LCAG) using LCAG aircraft suggested them as a partner for a JV.
Low cost principles were applied throughout the business set-up, avoiding Lufthansa’s extensive unionised “costs”.
Leipzig based airline (DHL’s main European Hub) established with a German AOC.
Aerologic’s launch created an opportunity for flexible capacity sharing – spreading costs over the two partners whilst leveraging partner strengths in revenue generation.

Expertise provided

  • Business plan preparation
  • Contract negotiations – particularly in the area of operational standards and KPIs
  • Project management, network development and operational set-up
  • Performance monitoring and trouble shooting
  • Diplomacy and facilitation between partners
  • Recruitment of post holders and others
  • First flight June 29th 2008 with 8 a/c by end 2010
  • Exceptional operational performance from start-up

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