One of the first movers in the liberalising Middle East aviation sector, Jazeera has been responsible for a number of innovative new approaches to the market, centred on its fleet of new A320 aircraft.

Project background

The Boodai Group sought to capitalise on public dissatisfaction with the lack of investment in, and performance of the state run airline.

Taking advantage of the opening of the aviation sector to competition and its existing expertise in the transport segment, Jazeera was established in 2004 becoming the first privately owned airline in the Middle East.

As one of three scheduled commercial airlines operating out of Kuwait, Jazeera is operating in one of the most competitive markets in the Middle East.

Expertise provided

Various Mango team-members covered a number of key positions at Jazeera Airlines. Major initiatives included:

  • a restructuring of Jazeera’s route network, including the exit of its Dubai base due regulatory constraints.
  • revamping and expansion of Jazeera’s entire commercial set-up.
  • redesign and implementation of a new fare structure and associated decision-support tools.
  • the establishment of a 15% unit cost reduction programme.

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