Liberalisation of the aviation market came relatively late to Japan. But once initiated, deregulation across the aviation sector in Japan has been extensive. Ahead of a significant increase in competition, especially from LCCs, ANA decided to implement a twin-brand strategy to address the full service and low cost/value focused market segments. This led to the founding of Peach in which Mango played a pivotal role.

Project background

ANA of Japan were determined to set-up a truly low-cost operation in an aviation sector not known for cost efficiency. This required the LCC business model to be introduced and applied in a way that respected Japanese market requirements whilst holding firm to LCC business model core principles and disciplines.

Equally important was establishing a lasting LCC internal culture and way of working. Mango were entrusted by ANA and the founding shareholders of Peach to work with local staff drawn from ANA to set-up and launch what has become a ground-breaking and successful airline in Japan.

Expertise provided

  • Business plan review and optimisation and support to closing launch investors.
  • Organisation design and build.
  • Mango LCC start-up team combined with ANA appointed staff to establish set-up and launch team
  • Development, launch and build of exciting new Japanese LCC airline brand, Peach.
  • Competitive tendering and procurement of wide array of supplier services achieving significant cost savings versus Japanese aviation market norms.
  • Project management, advice and guidance to all aspects of airline functional set-up across leadership level, commercial and operational functions, and support activities.
  • Ongoing engagement with Peach launch investors, ANA, First Eastern Investments and INCJ including Board meetings and investor communications.
  • Design and build of LCC best practice technology and security infrastructure. Selection and implementation of leading LCC relevant technology applications.
  • Sourcing of international LCC expertise to work as part of local team to deliver a successful airline launch and establish a true LCC way of working and culture.

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