British Airways

BA continues to be regarded as one of the world’s foremost flag carriers, punching well above its weight on the world stage. Continued innovation, allied with deep-seated restructuring efforts, continue to keep BA at the forefront of global aviation.

Project background

Continued complex and protectionist regulatory restrictions, not experienced elsewhere in industry, have hampered the ability of flag carriers to grow.

To get round these restrictions, British Airways has been one of the forerunners in establishing a network of like-minded airlines under the banner of oneworld.

Extensive restructuring programmes and cost-cutting efforts have positioned BA well in it’s ongoing battle with other full service carriers, and the highly aggressive LCCs such as Ryanair and easyJet that quickly emerged after the UK’s liberalisation ahead of implementation of the EU Single European Skies directive.

Expertise provided

A number of Mango’s experts have wide ranging experience developed at British Airways. Specialisations included:

  • aviation alliance set-up and development including identification and implementation of revenue and cost synergies.
  • management of international finance operations, across multiple borders.
  • development and optimisation of treasury and credit card arrangements.
  • design and execution of far-reaching change management and restructuring programmes.

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