Commencing operations in 2009, Avianova is a fast-growing LCC based in Moscow. Avianova aims to transform the Russian travel market by introducing the ultra-low fares / no frills model.

Project background

Avianova ‘s first flight took place on 27 August 2009, linking Moscow with Sochi. In its first year, the carrier became the fourth largest in Russia, carrying nearly half a million passengers in the first half of 2010.

Further growth has been produced by switching Moscow airports – from the secondary Vnukovo to the primary Sheremetyevo – and opening a second focus city in St. Petersburg. By the close of 2010, Avianova will serve at least 18 destinations across Russia with aggressive expansion plans for the coming years.

Expertise provided

Pricing & revenue management strategy / tactics implementation

  • Reporting and tracking
  • Flight profiling and optimisation
  • Fare structures and levels
  • Ancillary revenue generation and fee levels
  • Revamped promotional methods to focus on price-led promos to boost web traffic and bookings
  • Provided training to Avianova staff in utilizing software and tools, and in revenue management decision making

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