Business Aviation

New technology, material and manufacturing processes are reducing the cost of light jets, making new business applications viable. This will likely lead to a fundamental shake-up in business aviation, similar to that already seen in scheduled aviation. Only the fittest will survive.

Mango’s unique value

In a complex and fast changing business aviation market, Mango offers a dedicated team specializing in advising on all aspects of the business aviation market. We have an unrivaled expertise and track record across the broad spectrum of business aviation strategy, finance and project management to regulatory and compliance management, crew safety and proficiency training, green aviation, resource management, and aircraft delivery and acceptance.

  • Business development, finance and fundraising
  • Regulatory and compliance management
  • Aviation resource management
  • Aircraft acquisition
  • Aircraft chartering
  • Delivery and acceptance
  • Crew training including Overseas Territory Aviation Requirements (OTARS)
  • Training/125 Legislation
  • Emission management



Other Experience

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