Jetstar Asia

SE Asia has rapidly become one of the markets with the highest LCC penetration. Jetstar is the highly successful Qantas vehicle, established in 2004 to tap this fast growing and hugely competitive market.

Project background

Low cost airline subsidiary of Qantas, based in Singapore.

Mango provided a key interim start-up team designed to marry Qantas Group’s renowned skills with Mango’s expert LCC capabilities:

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Engineer
  • Fleet Manager

Mango guided the airline through establishing the full LCC business model and start-up implementation from May 2004 – Jan 2005.

Expertise provided

Aircraft lease negotiations, specifications, technical review and acceptance

  • Maintenance supplier tender, selection, negotiation, and contract finalisation, both airframe and engines
  • AOC application support
  • Budget formulation and financial systems set-up
  • Senior management recruitment and selection
  • Commercial contract review (fight operations systems, marketing partnerships, emergency response support)
  • Advisors to CEO/Board

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