Technology continues to revolutionise sales and distribution of travel products. Both in respect of maximising customer choice and usability, and at decreasing cost. Prioritising and effectively deploying the most appropriate technology for the markets being targeted is essential to deliver the best sales margin.

Mango’s unique value

Mango works very hard to ensure the traveller finds it easy to do business with the airline. Too many potential customers are deterred from booking, or do not book again, through artificial or unnecessarily complicated selling processes. Mango’s distribution approach delivers:

  • Market tailored distribution strategy and mix.
  • Effective use of best practice technology.
  • Emphasis on easy to use sales tools.
  • Seamless end to end transactions, from sale through to payment collection.
  • Integrated fraud prevention tools.
  • Performance focused sales force set-up and management.
  • Cross border, sales delivery at both ends of the route.
  • Multi-language sales distribution capability.


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