For more than 30 years, Aravco has been one of Europe’s leading aviation management and charter companies. Since 2008, Aravco is part of International JetClub, a world leader operating private jets for high net worth clients.

Project background

Following the acquisition by International JetClub, with change in ownership, fleet and post holders, Aravco required a new rather than varied AOC.

A team from Mango’s sister company (Ventana Aviation), managed the process of acquiring the very first worldwide AOC issued by EASA. The assignment included the production of AOC manuals, design and execution of mandatory training, re-registration of Global Express aircraft and interim management services.

Expertise provided

Production of AOC (Operations and Engineering) manuals

  • Interview, selection and briefing of post holders
  • Design and execution of mandatory training
  • Managed process of re-registration of Global Express aeroplane
  • Review and development of corporate strategy
  • Interim management services (Charter Sales Manager)


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