e-Commerce is now a critical part of any business. This is particularly true in the aviation sector where margins are tight and airlines need to constantly adapt to meet new market demands and stay ahead of their competitors. For any airline e-Commerce forms an essential sales channel and allows an airline to sell directly to passengers at minimum cost, whilst at the same time promoting ancillary services to increase profitability.


Mango offers experienced staff who specialise in managing their e-Commerce and commercial programmes. We have unrivalled expertise and track record supporting Low Cost Carriers through to Full Service Airlines in areas such as website development, implementation of new marketing and distribution strategies and effective use of social media. Mango staff are experts in:

  • Website design and development
  • e-Commerce and Marketing strategy
  • Competitive tender and ‘best-fit’ vendor selection
  • Brand execution across all e-media platforms
  • Centering distribution on e-Commerce
  • Ensuring targeted sales and promotions across e-media channels
  • Integrating seat and ancillary revenue streams through the booking path
  • Deploying and utilising the most effective social media channels
  • Critically appraising analytics for optimised on-line performance
  • Service delivery and Outsource planning


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