Ancillary Revenue

Whatever the airline business model, ancillary revenue is an increasingly important and profitable revenue stream. If the customer feels penalised by charges they see as unfair or unavoidable, this will deter them from booking again. Mango’s focus, and experience, is in identifying and putting in place ancillary revenue opportunities for the airline that the customer truly values.


We assist airlines across the full spectrum of business models, covering ground product to in-flight, including branding and benchmarking. We are trusted to maximise all aspects of ancillary revenue whilst at the same time growing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Mango staff are experts in:

  • Optimising ancillary revenue booking path
  • Achieving full potential of seat & bag fees
  • Using segmentation & destination profiling to increase travel insurance uptake
  • Use of targeted products to maximise income from commission based products: Hotels, Transfers, Car Rentals and Cruises
  • Onboard ancillary revenue: Food & Beverage, Inflight Sales & Duty Free, Wifi
  • Frequent flyer programmes
  • Loyalty & co-branded credit cards
  • Advertising revenue – online, airport and on-board advertising possibilities
  • Carbon offset & environmental pax projects



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