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With aviation firmly in the environmental spotlight, all businesses needs to show they are taking steps towards a more sustainable way of operating…

More sustainable business = cost reduction = profit improvement.

Sustainable Skies’ unique value

The aviation industry WANTS to operate sustainably but may not know how. Sustainable Skies applies extensive industry knowledge of process improvement, waste reduction and cost savings to the practicalities of operating more sustainably. We draw on the expertise of aviation industry specialists, who fully understand the requirements of aviation delivery, but at the same time find ways of doing so in a more sustainable manner.

arrow-Blue Sustainability audits
arrow-Blue Identification of carbon/waste generative processes and elimination/reduction opportunities
arrow-Blue Customer carbon cost recovery solutions
arrow-Blue Investment of carbon offset customer funds
arrow-Blue EU ETS/other carbon scheme reporting and compliance
arrow-Blue Benchmarking and best practice
arrow-Blue Sustainability KPI setting and internal management reporting
arrow-Blue Culture change programmes and associated training

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